Serving You The Best Somali Mandi

About Us

Al Kahf restaurant is a dining establishment that serves traditional Somali cuisine. Influenced by the country’s position on the Horn of Africa and its history as a crossroads, for trade and cultural exchange. Opened in 2010, we have been serving freshly cooked Somali dishes which include Xaniid ( A slow cooked Lamb Shank dish cooked with spices). Hilib ( A Lamb shoulder slowed cooked and marinated with a special sauces), and Sqoar (fried chicken or beef mixed with green peppers, red onion and potatoes). In addition to these main dishes, we also serve a variety of side dishes such as Sabaayad (Somali flat bread), seasoned rice, Spaghetti, and Home made traditional Soup.

Opening Hours

We are open 7 days in a week.

Monday : Close
Tuesday to Thursday
13 : 30
11 : 20
Friday to Sunday
14 : 00
11 : 20

Table Reservation